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Evidentials for a future English (multiple replies)

From:Estel Telcontar <estel_telcontar@...>
Date:Thursday, October 21, 2004, 19:56
Roger Mills ha tera a:

> What a neat idea!
Thanks! I was thinking it would be neat to speak a language with evidentials, and that got me trying to figure out how they could happen in English. [a reduced form for "apparently"]
> Just based on what I often hear, [pe~r?li] Not sure how it would be > spelled... :-)
That would provide a great avenue for development into my proposed form, /perli/. I haven't decided yet to allow nasalized vowels, or I would probably use your form. (Oh, and by the way, I realised that I should have spelt /perli/ as "peirly", not "perly", which would be /p@rli/
> supposedly or (ugh) supposably: ['spozdli, 'spozbli]
Good suggestion. I'd go with Muke's suggestion on this one, to reduce it further to /'spozli/, and avoid having to decide whether it comes from "supposedly" or "supposably".
> We already have ['prAbli]... /-li/ could be the marker for this
class. And, as Muke noted, it can be further reduced to /'prAli/. I don't generally reduce it that far, but I know people who do, and that's the form I'd use if I include it as an evidential.
> "It is said" : ['tsEdli] ? "maybe" changes to ['mebli] :-)
Hm, I don't care for these - they sound too contrived to me, not like something that would actually arise naturally. Henrik Theiling ha tera a:
> I like the idea of evidentials. Don't let them have one for 'I know > from trustworthy sources, that...' :-) > > I have evidentials as one of the very few mandatory categories in > Q'eng|ai.
:-) I like the idea of evidentials too. I think the evidentials that this future English has will be mandatory.
> Personally, 'apparently' feels too vague to be a good evidential for > Q'eng|ai's system. So I'd make 'perli' more clear and assign it > either 'hearsay' or 'perception'.
Yes, I'd sharpen it up as a marker for either 'hearsay' or 'inferential' (as in "he's not here" [because his shoes are gone]) And thanks, John, for the Lojban link. -Estel