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Re: Introduction to Kerla

From:Rob Haden <magwich78@...>
Date:Friday, September 26, 2003, 19:56
Hey everyone,

I'm sorry that my description of Kerla seemed dry and lifeless -- I didn't
mean for it to be so!  In order to "breathe life" into the language, I'm
providing some example sentences below.  But a caveat: the vocabulary is
probably going to be subject to change.

Talva lante me Kerla.
speak able I Kerla
I can speak Kerla.

Talva lante te Kerla ko. ~ Ko talva lante te Kerla.
speak able you Kerla question
Can you speak Kerla?

Ne talva lante se Kerla.
not speak able he Kerla
He/she can't speak Kerla.

Saure monu.
(is-)big man
The man is big.

Saure monui.
(is-)big man=pl
The men are big.

Monu saure.
(is-)man big(-thing)
The big (thing) is a/the man.

Monui sauri. ~ Monu sauri.
(is-)man(=pl) big(-thing)=pl
The big things are men.

Meno me urba.
go I city
I go to the city.

Menode me urba.
go=past I city
I went to the city.

Me menode urba.
I go=past city
It was I who went to the city.

Menova me urba.
go=prog I city
I am going to the city.

Menovade me urba.
go=prog=past I city
I was going to the city.

Viskade lapse monu menode urba.
see=past boy man go=past city.
The boy saw the man who went to the city.

Rumpode lapse paskede palu kelsode se ke ventu.
break=past boy throw=past ball steal=past he [resumptive pronoun] window.
The boy who threw that ball that he stole broke the window.

Rumpode lapse kelsode palu lapsen alte ventu.
break=past boy steal=past ball boy=gen other window.
The boy who stole another boy's ball broke the window.

Sentu me kalo norla.
think I pretty girl
I think that the girl is pretty.

Sorsa norla.
(is-)duck girl.
The girl is a duck.

Sorsage norla.
duck=become girl
The girl becomes a duck.

Sorsage murku norla.
duck=become potion girl
The potion turns the girl into a duck.

E genomai kako endu kotado.
There-is/are happen=inf bad be-inside house=coll
There is trouble in the neighborhood. (lit. There are bad happenings in the

Desne me toru galmen.
want I doughnut jelly=gen
I want a jelly doughnut.

Viskade me kolba perge tersa ta endu silmado.
see=past I wolf gray three that be-inside tree=coll.
I saw those three gray wolves that were in the forest.

Sorry if the vocabulary sounds rather prosaic -- I had to make up a lot of
words off the top of my head to provide examples, and I think I betrayed by
Indo-European background! :)

- Rob


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