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Re: Conlangs in fiction/movies

From:轡虫 <snapping.dragon@...>
Date:Thursday, December 22, 2005, 21:12
> > >Language-smanguage. That's just someone poking fun > > at > > >Ozark English, or Appalachian. > > > > > Actually, IIRC it is mostly phonetically written > > Kentish. > > > > Then I guess Kentish, or a very similar dialect must > have been a strong influence on the formation of the > American dialects of the eastern mountain ranges. > > Adam
I don't know much about English dialects (one of the reasons I'm not in a good position to judge how much is the author's own invention), but the book is set in England. As for poking fun ... I didn't get that impression. It's a book that seems to take itself very seriously. I haven't read it yet, probably never will, so I may be wrong. Anyway, I was just throwing that out there as an example of what gets passed off as a conlang in popular fiction. The author probably isn't responsible for the back-cover blurb, but *someone* decided that they could sell it as a new language. -- kutsuwamushi (BEWARE OF REPLY-TO)