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From:Sarah Marie Parker-Allen <lloannna@...>
Date:Friday, June 6, 2003, 10:38
Just an FYI here, I've lost at least 200 hundred emails from yesterday.  I
can't guarantee that anything any of you sent me between 12pm (noon)
yesterday (the 4th) and 12pm today (the 5th) was received, and I'm
absolutely certain that everything from 6pm yesterday until 6am this morning
is definitely not going to make it to my inbox.  I sent a half-dozen
messages out (including one to you, Stefanie) and I have no idea if they
were recieved or not; if I don't get a reply to them by the end of tomorrow,
I'll resend them.

I know for sure I lost the following threads: Dov's dissertation defense and
Melissa's move (from H_L).  I also lost four digests' worth (at least) of
Conlang -- 2749 through 2752.  If anyone wanted me to reply to any messages
in those threads or digests, please send them with H_L or Conlang headers
(as appropriate).

I'd greatly appreciate it if someone could send me the text from the Conlang
digests I mentioned, if at all possible.  There are so many messages on that
list, I can't keep track of what's been said without the digests, and I was
trying to follow a couple of threads (most notably my own "I need advice"

My ISP claims not to know anything about any of this, and the tech guy was
pretty much convinced that it was Yahoo's fault.  I tried explaining that
this affected Topica, EZBoard, and even private email, but it didn't do me
any good.  They do not have anything in their backup systems -- so if you
sent me an email in the last day and haven't gotten a reply, just send it
again (to be on the safe side).  Thanks.

Sarah Marie Parker-Allen

"The very young do not always do as they're told." --
'Anteaus', Stargate SG-1

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