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brz reloaded - an afterword

From:R A Brown <ray@...>
Date:Thursday, September 29, 2005, 12:56
R A Brown wrote:
> It seems to me that apart from on add short interjection here and there, > it is overwhelmingly Jörg and me corresponding on this thread. Maybe, at > this stage it could be brought to an end on the list. Then Jörg and I > can take the 'brz basis' and develop it each in our own and in our own > time and see how it goes. It is obvious we have some different ideas; it > will be interesting to see how they develop. Maybe a report back after > the New Year :)
PS - I do not guarantee that my version will keep the name _brz_ (for a start, it is not a valid brz word :) PPS Henrik Theiling wrote: > Hi! > > Very nice! :-) > > I propose Braille as the native script with The Old Irish Ogham script could easily be adapted as well :-) For those who can read them: ᚁ ᚂ ᚃ ᚄ ᚆ ᚇ ᚈ ᚉ ᚋ ᚌ ᚍ ᚎ ᚐ ᚑ ᚒ ᚓ -- Ray ================================== ================================== MAKE POVERTY HISTORY