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Re: Yivrian Lexicon Online!

From:Sylvia Sotomayor <kelen@...>
Date:Friday, August 9, 2002, 19:31
On Friday 09 August 2002 11:58, Jeff Jones wrote:
[re Yivrian lexicon page]
> I just tried the newer version. > fountain (E2Y) -- no matches > dog (your example) (E2Y) -- suk, soko > suk (Y2E) -- dog (same entry as before) > so far so good, but then I put in cat (E2Y) and rat (E2Y) and got > half a dozen irrelevent entries each.
There's a perfectly good reason for that. When you enter "cat" or "rat", the script is searching for *cat* or *rat* not \<cat\> or \<rat\>. This is annoying with these short 3 letter sequences that often occur in longer words, but it is very useful for less common sequences. For example (and I haven't tried this in Yivrian or even in Kélen), *drink* should yield such words as "drink", "drinking", maybe "drinking glass" or "poison drink", etc. Very useful! -Sylvia -- Sylvia Sotomayor The Kélen language can be found at: This post may contain the following characters: á (a-acute); é (e-acute); í (i-acute); ó (o-acute); ú (u-acute); ñ (n-tilde);


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