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Re: Weekly Vocab again?

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Monday, March 31, 2003, 16:02
Welcome back, O weekly vocab. Thanks to CW!
a, rapinda, pundraput-kota treloka re maçan. mikuvus CW-e.

The Kash versions
> > 1. to think-- pila; pila-pila 'think about, ponder, etc.' > I think about many things.
mapila-pila pando acalaç I-ponder many matter-pl
> > 2. to plan-- simplest way, pila +verb 'to intend to...' > I plan to go to town today.
mapila (ma)cosa ri enjeye letrayu I-intend (I)go to town-dat. today More colloq.: pilami, cosa enjen letrayu my-thought, go town-acc today
> > 3. road-- ratu (usu. paved); peña unimproved, gravel (I assume this or
similar is the distinction meant by high vs. low road??)
> I will go by the low road.
mawumit ratu yu marok / mondes I-use road that old / poor quality OR mawumit peña yu
> > 4. cloak / coat / --- payo 'cape' > I took my warmest cloak.
malimbe payomi re krat pasam I-wear cape-my which most pleasant More literal: mafilan yambi payomi..... I-carry with-me etc......... (Tropical Kash don't yet have a word for warm; it's either hot or not there. But actually we need the word; Yanatros is roughly in the same latitudes as Australia, and there are high mountains. (Arriving in Sydney in August, after a year in Indonesia, I immediately had to buy a heavy sweater; a few days later I encountered snow in Canberra. Brrr.)
> 5. to stumble-- cakapris, accid.vb < pris 'step' = 'to be overcome by
stepping in a bad way"; dative experiencer)
> I stumbled on the road.
me cakapris i ratu (i for _ri_ due to "2-r rule") me/dat. stumble in road
> > 6. wind-- yanga > The wind was fierce.
yangani cakamiri-miri wind-of it "overcome by blowing in a bad way"
> > 7. to snap-- trap, onomat. 'snap, crack, as of a whip/flag etc.), mepu
trap 'make s.t. go _trap_'
> It snapped my cloak.
yamepu trap payomi it-make "trap" cape-my
> > 8. to freeze-- amir 'frozen', inchoative çukamir 'becoming frozen,
> My ears are freezing.
çikunuçmi içukamir /çikun-ç-mi i-çuk-amir/ ear-pl-my they-become frozen
> > 9. ice-- yamir; but the accidental form cakamir would be appropriate here > I think they have become ice.
ciyoñi, icakamir 'it seems they're frozen' oranani, icakamir 'it's like they're frozen'
> > 10. inn-- punduwar, compd. of puna 'house', nuwar 'stay overnight' > I arrive at the inn half-dead.
marata cakaçangan ri punduwar I-come overcome-by-fatigue at inn cakaçangan < çangan 'lie down', the accid. form means lit. "overcome by lying down" or properly, "collapsing from fatigue"