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OT (technical stuff): Re: What can be done? was Re: To Raymond (re: Uusisuom)

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Thursday, April 26, 2001, 13:52

Padraic Brown <pbrown@...> writes:
> Is there any way of blocking messages comming from Conlang? I'm using > Pine, and haven't been able to find a way to block messages from > there. I don't really like having to do this - but it's either that > or set to nomail for the duration of the Auxlang invasions.
You can use procmail if that is installed. I use it for automatically putting *all* mailing list stuff into a seperate folder. Put the follow line into ~/.forward: "|exec /usr/bin/procmail -f-" (If procmail is installed in /usr/bin/procmail, that is) and create the following ~/.procmailrc: --->snip<--------------------------------------------------------------- PATH=/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/bin MAILDIR=$HOME/Mail #you'd better make sure it exists LOGFILE=$MAILDIR/from #recommended :0H *^From:.*email@address\.of\.someone\.you\.want\.to\.plonk /dev/null --->snip<--------------------------------------------------------------- The `:0H' means: search the header (you can search the body by using `:0B' or `:0HB' to search both. All following lines beginning with * are regular expressions matching lines in the header (therefore, there are many backslashes in front of dots). /dev/null is the target folder, i.e., the unrecyclable Unix dust bin. Of course, many entries like this one starting with :0H are allowed in .procmailrc. E.g. for storing conlang in a special file, I use: --->snip<-------------------------------------------------------------- :0H *^Sender:.*CONLANG $HOME/Mail/ --->snip<-------------------------------------------------------------- All mails not matched by any entry in the file go your normal mail folder. Oh yes: be sure to use test mails to see whether it works. The system admistrators usually get very upset of it doesn't and instead runs berserk! :-) HTH you preventing further headaches. :-) **Henrik


Padraic Brown <pbrown@...>