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Shchang: YANC, with tonespelling

From:Shreyas Sampat <ssampat@...>
Date:Tuesday, September 13, 2005, 12:19
This here is just a naming language so far; I needed the names of the
Shchang to have some internal logic. It's basically a copycat
Sinitic-looking thing. The consonant spellings are intended to look
at-home alongside Seinundjé, while the vowel spellings are inspired by
Chinese romanisation schemes; they're supposed to look a little like
Wade-Giles, but the tone-spelling logic is derived from Gwoyeu Romatzyh.

In the style of the romanisation schemes, I'll explain this phonology in
terms of its phonotactics, rather than more elementally.

v'  /v/    d   /d/    j    /J\/  g    /g/
p   /p/    t   /t/    c    /c/   k    /k/
pv  /p^h/  ts  /ts/  ch    /cC/  kh   /k^h/
f   /f/    s   /s/   sh    /C/   h    /h/
fv  /f_v/  ss  /S/   shch  /C:/  hkh  /X/
m   /m/    n   /n/   rn    /J/
          r    /4/   l     /l/   rg   /R/

vV Vu /w/ Onglide does not occur with labial or alveolar initials
yV Vi /j/ Onglide does not occur with velar initials

i    y   u
e    @   o
a  r\`=  O

The spelling of vowels is complex, as they encode not only vowel but
also tone quality, and they are not continuous! There are four tones in
Shchang, which resemble the Standard Mandarin tones (four turned out to
be about the highest number where tone-spelling remained wieldy).

Tone 1   (level): i   ü  u /  e   ê  o /  a   r  ô
Tone 2 (falling): ie ui uo / 'e e|h 'o / 'a a|r ou
Tone 3  (rising): yi yü wu / ye  yê wo / ea e|r wô
Tone 4 (bending): ii üi  w / ei  êi ow / ah erh ôu

In the items with the pipe |, that symbol isn't actually part of the
spelling; it indicates the position that an offglide, if present, would
occupy (e.g. ar + u = aur).

n ng /N/

All syllables have a vowel and an onset, either a glide or an initial
with optional glide; they may have a coda, and may have an offglide, if
the following conditions are met:
* The syllable does not have the fourth tone.
* The syllable does not have an onglide, OR the vowel is /a @ O/.

The "Million Style Manual" is a set of sixty-four jade stones marked with pieces
of Chinese characters. It expresses the kung fu of the void, as taught by P'an
Ku's axe.

Shreyas Sampat