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R: Re: "foied vino" as Faliscan or Latin

From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 14, 2000, 14:06
Eliott wrote:

> Tommaso ániyë > > Just checked in a textbook on IE languages I have. Faliscan is > given as a "Latin variant with strong 'rustic' connotations (due to > Umbrian interferences)." I seem to understand that this statement > is not uncontroversial, though. > > > In all the textbooks and other types of books that > I've looked at Faliscan and Latin are described as distinct > languages to about the same extent as Dutch and German. > Saying that Faliscan is a "Latin variant" is to the best of > my knowledge a falsehood. Imagine telling a German person > that there language is just a variant of Dutch or vice versa! >
OTOH, I've always found Faliscan described as a Latin variant with strong Umbrian and Etruscan adstrata (Falerii veteres was on the Etruscan border). Yet, I perfectly remember that Faliscan on my Historical Grammar of the Latin Language was described as 'il dialetto di Faleri' (the dialect of Faleri). Anyway it had to sound quite different from Latin. A proof could be mutual intelligibility... but if we rely on that, we'll never get an answer : )) Luca