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From:Lars Finsen <lars.finsen@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 27, 2008, 12:07
Den 27. feb. 2008 kl. 03.37 skreiv Michael Poxon:

> Some similarly-minded friends and myself used to play a variety of > "Le cadavre exquis" but with poems. You would write a line or two > of poetry/prose then (say) 2-3 words of the next line, then fold > the paper over leaving only those 2-3 words visible for the next > person, and so on until you felt like it. Some truly amazing > results emerged, and all without the aid of anything other than the > good old human imagination. Often some good "words" in the conlang > sense (though I don't think the term had been invented then!) would > be created.
It's a well known game and can be fun. In maths or other boring classes at school, I and a classmate of mine played a similar game, writing stories where we contributed 2 lines each in turns. We both knew the beginnings of course, but still our differing imaginations and preferences made the stories twist and turn in surprising ways. It was hilarious fun. Missing those days still... LEF