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From:John Vertical <johnvertical@...>
Date:Thursday, February 28, 2008, 10:42
>I tried out something like that last night -- a phoneme inventory >of /q' t' ? c B j\ M\ y 2 &~ 1 M 7/, and consonants are required >to always occur in clusters. But I gave up on it pretty soon; >it seems to me a dadalang phonology should be exotic and >absurd but still reasably euphonious, if we're going to write >Dada poetry in it. It should enable poetry as silly and as >beautiful as the "Chanson Dada". > >So my second draft phonology/orthography would look more like this: > >/? t_w c B T j\ M\ y 2 & 1 M 7/ ><' t c v z j w y e a i u o> > >with (C)V(C) syllables and some restrictions on medial clusters >(not sure what yet).
IMO, a dadalang ought to also sound Inherently Funny to some degree, not just kitchensinky or weird. However, things go subjectiv here so I'll go off on a tangent: this reminds me of an idea I had for a loglang - a phoneme inventory where no two phonemes share a feature - aside from the über-wide ones like "coronal" or "voiced". The latest version was something like this: /tS_> t mb N f R\ j l` h/ Which has the additional peculiarity that if you chart them by POA in this MOA order, the resulting grid works as a solution to the N queens problem on a 9x9 chessboard... ;) (I eventually settled on something slightly more regular however, as that enables systematicing phonosemantics and morphophonemics. But it still looks more like Láadan than Ithkuil...)
>e - first person pronoun; third person beloved pronoun >o - second person pronoun; third person ambivalent pronoun >a'a - third person despised pronoun
Neat idea. Might work well in plural especially.
>wyzoji - the kind of word which would probably occur less than once > in a million-word corpus, but which one includes in one's conlang > in order to demonstrate one's erudition
>eti - temporary exhaustion with lexicon-making > >-- >Jim Henry
So, yet another tangent:, does anyone have words for "conlang" and similar non-natlinguistic concepts *in* their conlang(s)? John Infinitederivativ


Jim Henry <jimhenry1973@...>