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From:Jim Henry <jimhenry1973@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 27, 2008, 0:03
On 2/26/08, Hanuman Zhang <zhang@...> wrote:


> Dada is the chameleon of rapid and self-interested change...." > > - Tristan Tzara > > "this is the song of a dadaist > who had dada in his heart > he tore his motor apart > he had dada in his heart
This gives me a couple of ideas: - The Tzara poem (one of my favorite French poems) as a translation exercise: dĕdâ-lô ŝu-i ŝrun gŏ, mâ-lŏ im fâ-ŋĭw im dĕdâ. ƥ ŝâj-i ƴâ-ĉa ĥy-i ĵyj-fja-fwa-ƥ-zô, gâ-lŏ im fâ-ŋĭw im dĕdâ. Behold the music characteristic of a dadaïste, part of whom is an emotion-faculty of which Dada is part. His vehicle he causes to become tired, part of which is an emotion-faculty of which Dada is part. - The concept of a dadalang, a conlang with deliberately dadaïste or surrealist semantics (and grammar/phonology? Not sure what would make a dadaïste phonology. Maybe a phoneme inventory that includes a bunch of exotic stuff while leaving out the most common phonemes in the world? Or phonotactics that allow complex onsets and codas but forbid basic CV syllables...? Dada grammar is a bit easier to imagine.). Sonja Kisa's jokelang Oouu (sp?) is the only one that comes to mind; it has a phoneme inventory consisting entirely of vowels, and a ridiculous degree of polysemy and ambiguity. gzb has some minor dadaïste elements to its vocabulary/semantics, though not very much because it's meant for my everyday use. -- Jim Henry


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