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Curses, McLauchlin, many sentences.

From:Matt M. <matt_mcl@...>
Date:Friday, September 14, 2001, 13:52
> Patrick, could you please list my last name? > I'm just "Sally." Maybe that's a compliment, > but you might want to fill out the rest!
BTW: I'm Matt McLauchlin, I'll be 20 in October, and I've been conlanging for about a year and a half.
> >What counts as profanity in your conlangs? What words are naughty?
> >the absolutely worst thing you could call someone? ;)
The major taboo term is "aks", meaning "to kill". (The more polite way to say this is "tanat", meaning "to die", but used transitively.) The Big Swear is "Akste mañen!" (Kill your mother!), or even worse, "Akste k'niriléinden nan!" (Kill her who bore you!) "Aks" can be used expletively ("Ai, aks!") or it can be used as well to mean "to fuck up", or "to fuck" as in "we're fucked" ("Asajan aks" - we are being killed).
> Does anyone know of a usable IPA font? Your communication came through
> I suspect, the phonemic symbol for the consonant sound in "church" as a > lowercase t followed by an uppercase s, so I'll stick with this > transcription.
That's called SAMPA transcription, and it's often used for phonetic transcription in plaintext. Check out for info on various different systems.
> There's also the name McLoughlin (or McLaughlin), which was originally >[m@klaxl@n], but which many people pronounce [m@klafl@n].
Hmm. My name's McLauchlin /m@glaklIn/, and of people I know outside my family with the same name, the pronunciation's running three-to-one in the way I pronounce it (Audrey McLaughlin, Murray McLaughlin, and Sara MacLachlan vs. Dawn McLaughlin, a syntax prof at McGill). But /m@glaflIn/ is a fairly common mispronunciation, if it's not totally garbled. (My name is very useful for distinguishing telemarketers. "Is Mrs. Mi - uh, Mic - uh, Miglofflin there please?" "No." (hang up; to myself:) "Dr. McLauchlin is, though...") And let's not even talk about [i]spellings[/i] of my name. If I never see another "g" in that fucker again it'll be too soon. >:(
> > (If rabbit was good enough for my father, then it is good enough for
me). Nib cézil satard suiir prápataim ias, cas ga satard suier iam. (If shezil enough was:good for:parents my, from:this it enough is:good for:me.)
> > Since words are lacking, I listen for solace in the wind in the trees.
Cas, ni ñoain ibu, iar aprena esiñam subjat sðaait. from:this that words one:lacks, I am:listening for:comfort in:wind in:trees.
>They pee in the soup, just to see what it tastes like.
Guja aplujagar obricam, zent k'bransim elyún cam. they undrink into:soup only for:to:learn taste from:this.
> > Sun Tzu said: "All warfare is based on deception."
Orikil k'kij'kaemam staer t'cosuri. foundation for:all:warmaking is lying