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Re: CHAT: Phones (was: Re: postcodes)

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Thursday, September 26, 2002, 5:10
>taliesin the storyteller wrote: >> But back on topic: if your concultures has phone-equivalents, what are
>> called? Mine does but I don't know what they're called. >
In the Kash world: celiya 'electricity'; celi, celika 'electrical' The various devices are calques of Gwr terms, hence anomalously head-last-- celicur (colloq. cicur) radio = electric - narrate, tell celikaçet (cika) TV , elect. picture celipin computer, elect. think celiçit telephone elect. speak celuri telegraph elect. write celici electronic, celi plus diminutive suffix. Nik Taylor wrote:
> There are a >few people who have telepathic abilities. Most cities, towns, and even >a few large villages will have at least one telepath who can communicate >with other towns. The Empress has dozens of telepaths working for her >to keep her informed of what's going on at any given time in remote >parts of her Empire.
The Kash are also telepaths, but without extraordinary native ability or special training by their off-planet Unity allies, it only works face to face, or at best within a large roomful of people. hañuçit -- to "speak" telepathically (hañu soul/mind plus çit < çindi 'speak') hañuços -- to "hear" (analogical ços for *sos < sosir 'hear')