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Seasons and months (was: equinox)

From:Pablo Flores <fflores@...>
Date:Thursday, September 24, 1998, 14:30
Matt Pearson wrote:

>To all of you in the Northern Hemisphere, a very happy autumn! And to all >of you in the Southern Hemisphere, a very happy spring!
Thanks! Here in Argentina we usually celebrate Spring Day on 21st September, although the equinox is still two days away. It's also Student's Day, so there are no school classes -- nowehere, whether you're in kindergarten or at university. It's usually a day to go partying outside town (and drink drink drink...). It's traditionally believed that it always rains on Spring Day -- and there are historical grounds to support that :-) It didn't rain this year, but it was cold (10 degrees Celsius) and windy, because a polar air mass.
>(Also, a belated happy birthday to Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, born on 22 >September...)
Whatever date it is in the Immortal Lands.
>How are the seasons named and delimited in other people's conlangs?
Now that you say it... I realise I've only got a word for summer in Draseleq: _niffion_. It's compound of _nif_ "heat, hot" and _vion_ "part, division, *season". Not very imaginative :-). Anyway I assume they could name the general part of the year by similar compounds, or by using the monthnames.+ The Draselhadh calendar has twelve lunar months of 30 and 29 days (totalling 354 days), and a period of 11 days to complete the year. The months (and their etymologies) are: Begins Lasts 1 namis ["new one"] 25/Oct 30 2 tenthemel ["repeats itself"] 24/Nov 29 3 munvuris ["end of the first"] 23/Dec 30 4 qanivar ["very much heat"] 22/Jan 29 5 rromplanth ["big apples"] 20/Feb 30 6 klanvuris ["end of the second"] 22/Mar 29 7 mienfarel ["the humid one"] 20/Abr 30 8 soimarel ["the misty one"] 20/May 29 9 rrosnet ["sea wind"] 18/Jun 30 10 nalosnet ["cold wind"] 18/Jul 29 11 skelkel ["the gathered"] 16/Aug 30 12 teubelar ["children's birth"] 15/Sep 29 danqungep ["short dozen of days"] 14/Oct 11 New Year's Day, 25 October, is the anniversary of the arrival of the Draselhadh to the new lands after their great migration; it's about mid-spring in the southern countries. A leap year is inserted every four years. The extra day is added to the _danqungep_, which changes its name to _enonqungep_ ("completed dozen of days"). The year receives the title of _qapranmebnan_ ("super-abundant in days"). In this calendar, the months are divided in "weeks" of 7 or 8 days each, but the days have no names, because they are always the same (the _danqungep_ doesn't count). Each month begins in the same lunar phase. This phase is the phase of the year, and it's also added to the title of the year, if it's not the current one. You have to know the phase, because a date is named by saying, for example: "day 5 of the full moon of _soimarel_" This means the fifth day of the week of full moon in the month of _soimarel_. This day is the 5th of soimarel if the year is full-moon, but it's the 12th if the year is waxing-moon! A complete title could be, for example: _qaprangebnan endhidhuth krommifaqgastammiklattastadn_ ("super-abundant-in-days waning-moon-year nine-sixty-two-hundred"), leap waning-moon year 269. --Pablo Flores <> begin 600 WINMAIL.DAT M>)\^(@0.`0:0" `$```````!``$``0>0!@`(````Y 0```````#H``$-@ 0` M`@````(``@`!!) &`#P!```!````# ````,``# %````"P`/#@`````"`?\/ M`0```%(`````````@2L?I+ZC$!F=;@#=`0]4`@````!#;VYS=')U8W1E9"!, M86YG=6%G97,@3&ES= !33510`$-/3DQ!3D= 0E)/5TY632Y"4D]73BY%1%4` M```>``(P`0````4```!33510`````!X``S !````&@```$-/3DQ!3D= 0E)/ M5TY632Y"4D]73BY%1%4````#`!4,`0````,`_@\&````'@`!, $````=```` M)T-O;G-T<G5C=&5D($QA;F=U86=E<R!,:7-T)P`````"`0LP`0```!\```!3 M3510.D-/3DQ!3D= 0E)/5TY632Y"4D]73BY%1%4```,``#D`````"P! .@$` M```"`?8/`0````0````````%ESD!"( '`!@```!)4$TN36EC<F]S;V9T($UA M:6PN3F]T90`Q" $$@ $`)@```%)%.B!396%S;VYS(&%N9"!M;VYT:',@*'=A M<SH@97%U:6YO>"D`^ P!!8 #``X```#.!PD`& `+`!X`!0`$`"@!`2" `P`. 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