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Re: A New Project From the Creator Of Silindion

From:Christopher Wright <faceloran@...>
Date:Sunday, August 11, 2002, 13:00
Treyes Elliot Lash raf:
<snip interesting system of verb markers>

If you have both of those markers, are there some verbs that have
neither? If not, then one of them is unnecessary and would probably be
dropped from most longer verbs quickly. Or do they mark words as being
verbs as well as what type? If so, then think about having different sets
of conjugations with each type.


"Bet sxur-golfzen ya elfhroun zoinis, trenf sxecusxai yabvex iemxelt;
dhas bet resxurenf golfzen ya thrisokoun fozx xialul sadhul, renf
sxecusxai kidh."
--Marcus Aurelius