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All you (n)ever wanted to know about the Ferochromon

From:H. S. Teoh <hsteoh@...>
Date:Thursday, April 21, 2005, 5:11
Over the years that Ebisédian made its infamous reputation, I've
received a number of requests for more information about the
Ferochromon, but I've never really taken it to heart to spend the time
to write down a lot of the details that went into it. This week,
however, I stumbled upon this Wikipedia entry:

which actually has a link to the Ferochromon page.


I am rather disappointed at the tiny scale at which con-worlding is
depicted in this article: restricted mainly to a mere continent or
planet, or a modified clone of the Terran universe, such as Star Trek.
Surely I cannot be the only one who has created not merely puny
con-planets, but an entire universe with its own origins and physical
laws!  Am I the only one to have invented an entire cosmological
history for a universe that isn't just a ripoff of the Terran
universe? I mean, the section on top-down con-worlding barely begins
to touch the kind of design that is far, far, beyond mere geographical
features and climates; the kind of detail and long-range design one
must consider in order for an entire universe to function!

Provoked by the trifling picture of con-worlding as depicted, I
decided to demonstrate what con-worlding means to me, by writing a
cosmological (internal) history of the Ferochromon that traces its
development all the way from time zero, the Ferochromon equivalent of
the Big Bang, to its full-fledged modern state of three Realms (three
entire universes, by comparison with the Terran universe!) complete
with realm-wide matter flows and countless landmasses, PLUS the three
Ethers and the Hyperether, which constitute the core of the

For the sake of keeping it to a sane length, I decided to omit the
history of the Ebisédi, which incidentally is already covered by
another document, and stick only to the large-scale physical structure
of the Ferochromon. Anyway, you may read it here:

OK, now that I've finished my sales pitch, I'd like to apologize for
stepping on the toes of whoever wrote that article, who I suspect is a
list member, and also for the arrogant grandiosomanic tone I adopted.
:-) The Wikipedia article is really quite commendable; I overreacted
because it links to the Ferochromon pages YET fails to even mention,
for example, that con-worlding could very well involve the creation of
a Grand Unified Theory of Everything that, in the case of the
Ferochromon, explains the entire physical structure of the universe
from a single entity called the Ferochromon Element... OK, OK, I'll
step down from the soap box now. :-) You can read all about the gory
details of the Ferochromon that you (n)ever wanted to know at the
above link.

P.S. On an off-topic note, I'd just like to say that *this* is why
I've never even dared attempt to put equations to Ferochromon
physics... the design is so large and complex that I don't even know
where to begin. How does one go about writing equations for motion
through liquid space, for example? Or equations for entities that are
of indeterminate shape and extent? Or the kind of space that would be
formed when every point in it can potentially exhibit a different
number of dimensions? I gave up before I started. But nevertheless,
*I* think the qualitive description of the Ferochromon sure is
compelling!  ;-) ;-) ;-)

P.S.S. And further apologies for posting this on CONLANG when it
really belongs in CONCULTURE or elsewhere. I just don't have the
energy to deal with another high-traffic forum, so I've decided to
stick with CONLANG and forget the rest.


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