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Where is Sturnan?

From:Christopher B Wright <faceloran@...>
Date:Monday, April 29, 2002, 18:46
After much study, Sturnan has turned up as a Baltic language, related
(similar) to Sudovian. Now I have to explain the Semitic script for

A large group (maybe 6,000) of Sturnan speakers* moved to Israel. They
had no writing system at this time. These people kept mainly to
themselves, with their own schools and such. However, a portion of them
had to learn local languages to fit in, and one of these languages was
Hebrew. At first, the Hebrew alphabet with a few additions was used for
the Sturnan, but the children simplified it heavily and added vowels. The
Hebrew alphabet is occasionally used, but only in very official documents
(like Latin in the middle ages). I'm guessing that my Sturnan is from
perhaps the tenth century AD at the latest or the eighth century at the
earliest. There would still be plenty of Jews around; Greek and Latin
would be dead or foreign, and Persian would be replaced by Arabic.

*They would have lived on the Nemunas (Niemen Neman) River before this,
and would probably call themselves Nemunev (Nemunians).

Now carefully to add some Sudovian, Hebrew, and Arabic loans.

The happy
Chris Wright