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Re: Ping! Énglis´ Artspellin

From:Carlos Eugenio Thompson (EDC) <edccet@...>
Date:Tuesday, May 16, 2000, 13:31
On Þørd Life of Tend,rness, Nìk Tail,r g`rote:

> "Daniel A. Wier" wrote: > > Have any ideas for an alternate character that can be found in > > Latin-1 or Latin Ext-A? > > Why not just the digraph _wh_? There's no possibility of confusion, > except perhaps in compound words like "cowhide", but those could be > distinguished by an apostrophe. >
becås ó,n ov my gouls is avoidin` digrafs (î'm allowin` digrafs only in difþon`s and lon` vow,ls) -- Carlos Th