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New conlang challenge: Buzz (proposed phonology below)

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Wednesday, July 19, 2000, 2:20
Well I take it my "Number Nine" challenge caught on -- two conlangs
came of it!  Thanks folx; I'll keep the ideas coming.

Now come up with a conlang with at least 100 vowels.  (just kidding)

Seriously, while contemplating some ways to make Tech an even more
disturbing language, I decided to present something like this for a
conlang project someone(s) here could take up:

This language has this for a phonology -- let's begin with vowels and

Vowels: a e i o u, long and short distinction, plus a schwa [@].

Syllabics: r l m n z (ng, v, zh [Z], gh [G] possible allophones)

The consonants would be: p, b, f, t, d, th [T], ts, dz, s, ch [tS], j
[dZ], sh [S], k, g, x, ? (glottal stop), h -- in addition to the nasals
and glides: n, m, r, l, w, y [j].

Tones: high, low, complex (high-low fall).  Mark with acute, grave and
circumflex, respectively -- or use numerals.

Note that the distinctive feature of this conlang is in its syllabic
consonant system.  Use at will, use frequently.

I'd also push for a more "onomatopoeic" language.  In other words, make
your words sound like what they mean.  For example, use the syllabic z
for "bee": [bz:].  However, I'd also like to see a Indo-European-based
conlang with this phonetic system.

My name for this language: "Buzz".  Good luck!


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