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Does this exist in the literature?

From:Gary Shannon <fiziwig@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 21, 2005, 18:19
This started out to be a short question, then grew
longer and longer as I tried to explain what it is I'm
looking for, so to avoid being a bandwidth hog for
people not interted in this question, I uploaded the
full text of my long and involved query to a web page

SUMMARY: I'm looking for a systematic way to generate
a lexicon. Not the actually letters and syllables of
each word, but the language-independant concepts and
meanings, and how they relate to each other. I'm
looking for some systematic enumeration of all the
different ways in which two closely related words can
actually be related to each other. In other words, a
list of formal definitions for the relationships
between the members of pairs like "to teach:teacher",
"to learn:to teach", "beach:sand", "to break:broken",
etc. I've come up with 9 pairs of relationships (18
relationships in total) so far, but I'm sure there are
a LOT more.

If it's not entirely clear what I'm looking for, the
web page link above has loads of examples and the list
of functional relationahips I've come up with so far.

My suspicion is that with the complete set of
functional realtionships at hand, the entire
vocabulary of the English language (or any other
language) could be derived, step by step, from any
single seed word by recursively applying the
transforms defined by each relationahip.