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From:L. Gerholz <milo@...>
Date:Saturday, October 9, 1999, 19:01
Nik Taylor wrote:
>=20 > Well, surely you can memorize a couple phrases in your conlang to share > with people? For instance, altho I'm not fluent in Watakass=ED, I coul=
> present a couple of phrases like: >=20 > Pyastakassisag=E1finva-bu? > Do you speak Watakass=ED? > Fyastakassisag=E1uv > I don't speak Watakass=ED >=20 > and so on.
An excellent idea. My co-workers are already used to seeing slightly odd things in my cube, and they know I'm studying foreign languages (Japanese and Norwegian at the moment). Some have even browsed my conlang pages and commented favorably. I mean, they didn't have to say *anything* if they thought it was weird, but they took the time to compliment me.
> P.s., why do your e-mails say "C. Tsuchiya"?
Because my husband, Craig, and I share this internet account. I sometimes forget to reset the sig preferences after he's been sending email. Laurie --=20 "Being bright does not grant an immunity to doing idiotic things; more like, it just enlarges the possible scope." -- Lois McMaster Bujold