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Re: Tyl Sjok orthography

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Friday, June 6, 2003, 21:38

First of all, I did a quick cut-and-paste from the front page of my
PostScript document.  It's here:

Each words has one radical.  The one in 'tyl' is 'good' and the one in
'sjok' is 'mouth'.

"Mark J. Reed" <markjreed@...> writes:
> Really in the middle of the square? 'Cause that's what you said > about the palatalization dot, but then you said that it's actually on > line 18. :) So do the helping dots go on linesj 1 and 19, or 11 and 12, > or in the middle of the squares formed by 1/13/17/12 and 19/15/21/10?
The helping dots are in the middle of the squares that you correctly describe (the center is where the diagonal vowel lines cross) and the palatal dot is *on* line 18. That's a bit odd, heh? But it makes the characters nicer, because they are not so, hmm, regular. (Yes, they are super regular indeed still. :-) ) To be complete, there is a pitch tone dot, too, indicating things on phrase level: a comma, namely. That one goes onto line 22. **Henrik


Mark J. Reed <markjreed@...>