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Re: Conlanging with Dick and Jane

From:Carsten Becker <naranoieati@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 14, 2004, 16:22

On Sunday 12 December 2004 09:51, Chris Bates wrote:

 > When my latest is done to my satisfaction, I plan to
 > write a mini "Teach Yourself" course as an exercise on my
 > webpage... it probably won't be that pretty though since
 > I'm not good with graphics. :( Although I'll actually
 > cover the language properly of course unlike the majority
 > of teach yourself books, where you seem to get too little
 > grammatical information and too many set phrases to
 > remember.


I suck at drawing as well. Nevertheless, the people over at
the ZBB said what I've done up to now would be quite a good
job, although neat graphics are missing.

That idea with "Conlaning with Dick and Jane" is a good
approach IMO. If I only still had my first grade German
textbook ... Das ist Toni. Das ist Fine. Fine malt Toni.
Toni malt Fine. --- Das ist Nino. Nino isst gern Käse. ---
or something like that. Boy, thát were times, when I came
back home from school, "Mummy, Mummy, today, we've learnt
to write 'v' and 'u'!" ... and it's only 12 years ago! ...
And today I find myself fiddling around with constructed
languages ...



Eri silveváng aibannama padangin.
Nivaie evaenain eri ming silvoieváng caparei.
  -- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Le Petit Prince