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Gevey sounds the SAMPA way

From:Rik Roots <rikroots@...>
Date:Friday, December 1, 2000, 20:23
I have been looking at the SAMPA tables (thanks for the link, people),
and have come up with a list of SAMPA equivilents for the letter
combinations used in Gevey.

Sorry, but there are no great surprises in the list, as the sound of
Gevey is based firmly on the sounds of Insular English, with a touch
of Spanish and Russian to add a spice of interest...

Gevey combinations on the left, SAMPA on the right

a    {
ae     eI
ah     e@
aa     A

e     e
ee     i:
eh     3

i     I
ie     aI
ih     I@

o     Q
oe     @U
oh     O
oo     u:

u     V
ue     u
uh     U@
uu     U

ou     aU
oi     OI
au     O:
ua     A:

b     b
p     p

d     d (russian dental d)
t     t (russian dental t)

g     g
k     k

j     dZ
c     tS

v     v
f     f

z     z
s     s

zh     Z
sh     S

gh     G (voiced velar fricative)
kh     x (voiceless velar fricative)

w     w (voiced sonorant glide)
wh     w (voiceless sonorant glide)

y     j
h     h

m     m
n     n
nh     J
ng     N

l     l (spanish l)
lh     L (spanish ll)
r     r (trilled r)
rh     rr (even more trilled r)

Feel free to correct me where I am making mistakes. This is a learning
exercise for me :->


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