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Histapamti ~ "I (somehow) spammed myself"

From:Steg Belsky <draqonfayir@...>
Date:Tuesday, May 7, 2002, 18:38
On Tue, 7 May 2002 17:41:30 +0200 Dan Sulani <dnsulani@...>
> And then again, maybe not! > I just asked my (native Hebrew > speaking) son, who talks computer > with his friends in Hebrew, how one > would say it. I described the situation; > I did _not_ ask for a translation of > "spam". Anyhow, his immediate reaction > was /doar zevel/, literally "garbage mail". > (doar = mail; zevel = garbage) > I have seen |doar zevel| in print, and > a quick google of Israeli sites also turned up > |doar zevel|. |Spam|, when used, is writtten > in English (ie in Latin letters). > I don't doubt that there might be Israelis > who use |spam| as a borrowing into Hebrew. > (It wouldn't be the first borrowing from > English by a long shot!) I just don't recall having > heard it.
- Does anyone actually use the word |doal| for |doar elektroni|? Couldn't it then be |doal zevel|?
> The real sign of its acceptance into Hebrew would be for |spam| > to get "folk-analyzed" as deriving from the "root" s-p-m. > You would then hear all the verb forms, for example: "I was > spammed" > might be /haiti muspam/ or "I (somehow) spammed myself" > might be /histapamti/ (= hit [reflexive]-spam-ti [first person > past], with > the common reversal of /t/ and /s/, occurring when the /t/ of the > reflexive > is immediately followed by a root beginning with /s/. > This sort of thing I haven't yet heard. > Dan Sulani
- /histapamti/ ? :-) ROTFLMBO.... I have *so* got to come up with a reason to use that word in Hebrew class tomorrow... Btw, somehow in Arabic they have infixed |-t-| without it having to be 'sibilant switching' like Hebrew has. It has two different patters, |iFta3aLa| and |taFa33aLa| - notice how the first has the /t/ in the middle even though the first root-letter is /f/, and not a sibilant like the /s/ in |histapamti|. -Stephen (Steg) "|Habbaytak fii alSayf|, |Habbaytak fii alšitee|... |Half alSayf waHalf alšitee|..." ~ /Habbaytak fii alSayf/ by |fayrooz|


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