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I reintroduce myself

From:The Keenans <makeenan@...>
Date:Monday, October 1, 2001, 21:48

Well I guess this thing is working.

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to answer. After my reintroduction I
came home from work the next day and found my computer sitting in a
puddle. The roof sprang a leak :(

My next very long post about Ok, and how it changed into Glaska and, the
conculture issues involved in that, disappeared into the void. GRRRR.
don't you hate when that happens?

I'll try to be brief and paraphrase the last post.

My first ever conlang Ok is semantically uninteresting. Gramatically not
English. Semantically yes.

In Ok it is sometimes possible to cram the subject object and verb all
into one Ok word.
'-Jagkooxtamn-' 'I kissed the woman'

Jag = I first person pronoun
-k- infix indicating the past tense
ooxt = the verb to kiss
amn = (the/a) woman in the accusative case The just plain nominative
form is -an-
-m- infix indicating the noun is in the accusative case

Ok, the language spoken by a people named the Glaiozh begins to undergo
natural change.

Glaiozh culture completely unravels. Rape pillaging theft murder and
general mayhem become the order of the day.

Someone decides that the problen is caused by the degradation of the
Language of God (Ok)

A new religion emerges among the Glaiozh espousing the importance of Ok
as the somic presence of God among them. monasteries appear where Ok
hymns and poetry are spoken as a means of maintaining social stability.

Glaska, the language that Ok turned into becomes the language of the
laity while Ok becomes a Religious language.

Here is a poem in Ok, Glaska and, then English for your edification :O)

This is the "Caress of the Sun" One of the first and most important
Poems of the new Glaiozh religion. I almost never gets translated into
Glaska as, that is seen as pointless.

           Agdhri (Ok)

Njajag agdhrim fynju
Njajag jyrmtre fynju
Njajag faurmdu jyrcoo
Njajag glaugaurm xrau faurcoo
Njajag stoflorm gaurcoo
Njajag dhyjaf caejynmji

          Adhri (Glaska)

Jag adhri yf o nju naieg
Jag yrtre yf o nju naieg
Jag faudaru jycoo naieg
Jag glauguru xru forcooru naieg
Jag stofloru gacooru naieg
Jag jae dhiaf caenmi naieg

        The Caress of the Sun (English)

I see the sun's caress on the land.
I see grain growing on the land.
I see homes sitting in the grain.
I see people's children playing in the homes.
I see happy hearts in the children.
I see all can hear the sound of God.