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latin verbs and rokbeigalmki curses

From:Steg Belsky <draqonfayir@...>
Date:Friday, January 14, 2000, 20:58
thanks to everyone who gave me information about the latin verb system,
but unfortunately some of the verb examples that i got seem to be
irregular, at least partially so.
so...would anyone mind sending me new examples of the latin 2nd and 3rd
conjugations, verbs that are completely regular?  and a
"regular-irregular" verb from that subcategory whose *only* irregularity
is the subcategory?  (no "stem-changing" ones)

thanks again!

-Stephen (Steg), who really needs to get to the library, darnit!
 "amô, ê amo.  amâmu, ê nô maçtâmû."

PS- does anyone here speak Persian?  a friend of mine, when he heard that
there are a relatively large number of members of the Persian subculture
of Jews at my college, as opposed to my hometowm, Brooklyn, whose largest
non-Ashkenaz subcultural group are the Syrians, told me a "curse" in
Persian that he learned from his friends at his highschool, which also
has a large percentage of Persians.
based on his non-linguistic representation, and talking to one of my
persian friends, something like:

"/xo'da 'beto m&Gz bE'dE/" means something like "God should give you a
head!" (or maybe "...brain!")

does anyone know how correct that is?

from that sentence, i got the Rokbeigalmki root _maaghz_, meaning
i also finally "canonized" my first rokbeigalmki "offensive" curse,
_shahhwa_ /'SaHwa/.  it's not offensive because it means anything
"dirty", like most English curses.  it's a blurring of the word
_sha'hawa_ /Saha?wa/, which means roughly an accusative-case (direct
object) form of "what".  it seems that in Rokbeigalm culture, even though
"going with the flow" (like Daoism) is considered a virtue, being
exclusively passive and waiting around for everything and everyone else
to act on you is not.

PPS- i started using "shahhwa" as an exclamation a long time before
figuring out what it means.  i think i just liked it because it starts
with "sh-".  ;-)