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CHAT: Southern word

From:FFlores <fflores@...>
Date:Friday, March 24, 2000, 14:48
I got this in a newsletter:

>----------------------------------- >TODAY'S SOUTHERN WORD OF THE WEEK >----------------------------------- > >UNLADDA (adjective). A grade of gasoline. >Usage: "I'm gonna fill up my new truck with unladda."
I usually guess the meaning with help of the usage example, but this one beats me. :) --Pablo Flores ... I cannot combine any characters that the divine Library has not foreseen, which in some of its secret tongues do not bear some terrible meaning. No-one can articulate a syllable not filled of caresses and fears; which is not, in some one of those languages, the powerful name of a god... Jorge Luis Borges, _The Library of Babel_