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Weekly Vocab. 22 in Kash

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Saturday, September 20, 2003, 20:12
1. employment ambepu (correct noun form); mepu colloq.
I seek employment if my liver will not burst from it.
maminja mepu yangeti re yukami ta yatafum ombini
I-seek  work provided that liver-my not it-burst because-of-it

2. relative have-have (< have, family)
Relatives are stereotyped as being evil.
have-haven ñupi-ñupindi miyipilimen traleleñ
relative/acc usually/typically we-consider-as evil
(niya trakaç, very un-Kash)

3. offense [of a personal/social sort] akahar
I don't know how he could possibly take offense from a simple greeting, but
he left in a huff.
ta pole çañuk, ongandri ne cakahar liri andomoci, takanda yacosa
not can imagine, why-of-it him/dat hurt-feelings w.r.t. greeting-dim.,
nevertheless he-go overcome-by-anger

4. to discourage...aargh...hañulurup 'be/feel discouraged' (compd.
That discourages me because it may lose me my job.
me rumek hañulurup, kuna me cakuwik mepu ombini.
me/dat cause ...., maybe me/dat get-expelled work because-of-it

5. monkey NO. But in the context, I'll use _anoman_.(And I don't yet know
what the monkey-like relatives of the Gwr are called.)
We have our very own trickster monkey god here.  Should I be happy or
ritan yale çehama anoman mámitu re cakapani-panip--  me rumbindaka,
rundiriska, iti?
here there-is spirit A. we/gen/intens. REL plays-tricks-- me/dat.
caus-happy-Q, caus-fear-Q, or [what]?

6. to disappoint-- hañuçangi 'be/feel disappointed'  (compd. soul-sick)
I fear that I have disappointed everyone else with an interesting nickname.
lirismi, mende marumek re yuno kaçe hañuçangi ombi alo arambiciyi tatrayi
fear-my, PERF. I-cause THAT all person/dat disappointed because from
name-little/gen interesting.
(lirismi, angota tayu, ta niya akram...
fear-my, sentence this, not very clear...)

7. hammer ekandrañ
Argh. I just tripped over a hammer and landed on my nose.
yah! cakapris ekandrañ, cakrop (r)i kandolami
ouch. get-tripped hammer, fall-on-face LOC smeller-my

8. pattern moyot
The carpet has a pretty floral pattern in it.
linganin yu, moyotni aveç yavirik
carpet that, pattern-its flowers is-pretty

9. annoyance akraku (<kraku ~kaku 'annoy, bother')
Sweeping the floor is a minor annoyance
handi kanin, yakraku (OR cakraku) picik ~pici-picik
sweep floor, it-annoys (is annoying) little-bit.
Also correct but archaic: handiyale kanin....

10. whisper hiçip
He strains to hear a whisper who refuses to hear a shout.
yucasa sosir hiçip, mo tarupat sosir yambren
INCH-try hear whisper, but un-willing hear shout