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Re: Thalassan Possessive Suffixes

From:Rob Haden <magwich78@...>
Date:Tuesday, February 14, 2006, 18:40
On Tue, 14 Feb 2006 19:18:08 +0100, Andreas Johansson <andjo@...> wrote:

>I said it seemed odd, not infeasible or unnatural - that's why I asked if >it was a regular development in the language. One could certainly think up >scenarios in which such an outcome would be regular - I was wondering if >he'd done so, or if was an irregular reduction of these particular clitics. > > Andreas >=========================================================================
I suppose it's more or less irregular, although other pronominal endings are affected in this way too. Namely, the 1st and 2nd-person singular endings, *-mi and *-thi, respectively (from enclitic subject pronouns *mi/*thi) became *-m and *-t(h), ultimately _-n_ and _-t_. However, this happened long before the enclitic possessive and object pronouns got formed, so the processes are not quite the same. - Rob