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Traveller's Phrasebook 1-6 in Ayeri

From:Carsten Becker <naranoieati@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 25, 2005, 14:28
Two weeks belated, but here it is  ... the TRAVELLERS'
PHRASEBOOK (chapters 1-6) IN AYERI.

NB: I'm getting tired of this language, I feel like I need
something new.



Hey all.

I'm back again, still without a new computer, but my current
one got a bit better somehow. Frankly, this list is
somewhat addictive, something urged me to extract the
mails and read them finally before they become to many ;-)
I've still got 140 mails to read just from the last 10 days
(~230 mails in total) at the time writing this. That's still

On Saturday 07 May 2005 10:36 CEST, Geoff Horswood wrote:

 > Hi everyone!
 > I was grubbing around in my collection of conlang
 > resources and I found a first fragment of a travellers'
 > phrasebook that someone had posted.

Sh*t, I urgently need to go on with the stuff I started
copying in December. Nice idea!

 > I decided to expand
 > on it; here's the result.  In some of the sections, I've
 > tried to be completist (hirable modes of transport and
 > the like) up to a point; I've also tended to go backwards
 > technologically rather than forwards- horses and carts,
 > but no antigravity devices.

Let's see if Roger Mills complains :}

Carsten (May 17, 2005)

Edatamanon le matahanarà benenoea eityabo ena Bahis Pinena,
15-A8-58-3-3-8-48 ena Curan Tertanyan.


Editing begins ...
Time now: May 17, 2005


Orthography - Phoneme/Allophone(s)

p - p     b - b     m    - m
t - t_d   d - d_d   n    - n
c - k     g - g/G   -ng  - N
                    -ng- - Ng
                    -nc- - Nk
v - v
s - s     r - 4/6   l - l
                    y - j/C
h - h/C X

a - a A    e - e E @ / j   i - i I
o - o O    u - u U / w    ay - Ai)
ey - Ei)  oy - Oi)        oi - Oi) / w
ea - ja

Ayeri differs between a formal, respectful and polite
"you" (thou, "va") and an informal "you" ("eva"). This
phrasebook assumes you are talking politely to a person you
don't know.
NB: I dropped the question marker -acon- because you usually
raise your voice anyway when asking. That question marker
is too long, I think I'll abandon it. Alas, I'd have to edit
all Ayeri stuff again then.

 > Section 1: Pleasantries

Hello!                  Manisu! / Manayang!
Good morning!           Beneno nuban!
Good afternoon!         Nangimo nuban!
Good evening!           Sirutay nuban!
Goodbye!                Yomu eban! (Yoban!)
Good night!             Sirutay nuban!

Yes / No                | Yes and no do not exist. The verbs
                        | are simply repeated in their
                        | affirmative or negative form.

Please                  Pinyan
Thank You               Angutáy
You're welcome.         Copoi. (lit.: "(That was) not difficult")
Excuse me               Ciláyang? (lit.: "May I?")
I'm sorry               Simalay!
What is your name?      Elinam garanaris vaena?
My name is ...          Garanang ayena [family name, first name]

It's a pleasure to      Nuban silvyam váris.
meet you.

How are you?            Váng nuban?
I am well.              (Yomáyang) Nuban.
I am not well.          (Yomáyang) Nubanya.
Where are you from?     Eleam sahaváng?
I'm from ...            Saháyang ea ...

 > Section 2: Language Difficulties & Learning

Do you speak _?         Ang naravain le ...?
   English                 Inglis / Anglé
   German                  Doytas / Almang
   French                  Verangsey
   Spanish                 Espanyol
   Russian                 Ruseci / Ris
   Arabian                 Aram
   Swahili                 Sivahili
   Bah. Indon.             Bahasa
   Chinese                 Songuen
   Japanese                Nihongo

   | (You get the system -- the native name is assimilated
   | to Ayeri, sometimes the Romanesque  name is used
   | The answer, though, will be "Naroiayang" (I don't
   | speak), since the Ayeri are located on another planet)

I (don't) speak ...     Ang naráyin ... abanican.
very well.              (... naroiayin ...)

I am learning ...       Ang sompayin ...

I can't say very much   Ang ming naroiayin acangan
(yet).                  (edauyi).

I (don't) understand.   Bihan(oi)ayang.

How do you say ... in   Elarem naraváng ... eri Ayeri?

What does "..." mean?   Elinam "..." ningaràreng?

Could you please ...?   Pinyan, ang ming ...?
   repeat that             ercavain adanyalei?
   speak more slowly       naravain nuperoeng?
   write it down           tahanvain adanyalei?

Can you read/write?     Ang ming layavain/tahanvain?

Will you read this      Pinyan, ang ming layavain edanyalei
for me?                 ayyam?

I can (not) read/write.  Ang ming(oi)ayin layayam/tahanyam.

 > Section 3: Accommodation

I'm looking for...      Yam balangayang

Where is...?            Eleam ...?
   a guesthouse         \
   a hotel               > condangaea?
   a youth hostel        >
   an inn               /

I'd like...             Ang vatya tahongayin ...
   a double room           mesangalaris acusang
   a single room           mesangalaris acebay
   a twin room             mesangalaris caivo pinamea

How much is it per...?  Elinam yam vetananreng ...?
   night                   sirutayon
   person                  nyanoin
   week                    bihanon

Is breakfast included?  Le bengondanón caivo adaea?
May I see the room?     Ang cila silvayin sangalaris?
I don't like it.        Ang vatyoiayin iyâris.

It's fine; I'll         Iyâng nuvenon; sepáyang iyâris.
take it.

I'm leaving now.        Saráyang edauyi.
I'm leaving tomorrow.   Sesaráyang tasela.
private bathroom        sangalcen nucebay
shared bathroom         sangalcen nuvihay
too expensive           nunoyo cagan
cheaper                 engao nuhanimo (to be more cheap)
discount                hanican

 > Section 3a: Reservations

To                      mangasaha
From                    mangasara
Date                    curan
I'd like to book ...    Ang no contahanongayin ...
In the name of ...      Garanyam ena ...
For the nights of ...   Sirutayieyam ena ...
For ... nights.         Sirutayieyam

Please confirm ...      Pinyan, caytisu ...
   availability            yoman
   price                   vetanan

On Saturday 14 May 2005 09:33 CEST, Geoff Horswood wrote:

 > Section 4: Emergencies

Help!                   Nelno! / Nelu!
Fire!                   Tupoy!

I've been ...           Ma...ayaris.
   robbed                  ges
   mugged                  cesum (to be raided)
   raped                   ciga
   attacked                congr
   threatened              nopas

                        | Pay attention to use "aris" here,
                        | if you use "ang", it's YOU who
                        | will be imprisoned!

Go away!                Saru!

Call ...!               Garu ...!
   a doctor                mecaromayáris
   the police              hatayaris
   the fire brigade        tupayonaris

It's an emergency!      Aràreng amang nútong

Could you help me,      Pinyan, ang ming nelvain ayaris?

Where are the toilets?  Eleam tayanoiéa?

 > Section 4a: Health

I'm sick.               Yomáyang nubanaya.
I need a doctor.        Ang iltayin mecaromaya.

Where is the hospital?  Eleam nangabanyaea?

I'm ...                 Ang taháyin ...
   asthmatic               sira (Banaya) Portambay
   diabetic                sira (Banaya) Pasono
   epileptic               sira (Banaya) Miyati

I'm pregnant.           Ang ninayin.

I'm allergic ...        Ang tavayin abanya ...
   to nuts                 vasraieisa
   to bees                 tandasingieisa

I have ...              Ang taháyin ...
   anaemia                 sira (Banaya) Ditimbaytang
   diarrhoea               sira (Banaya) Buantaycaron,
                           tembisyearis ('the shits', vulg.)
   constipation            sira (Banaya) Buantayyelang
   altitude sickness       carrayenoaris
   a headache              baytandevoaris (lit.: head-bleeding)
   a sore throat           metupoyaris anerau peynamea ayena
                           (lit.: "a bad fire in my stomach")
   nausea               Ang mayoiayin nuban.
                        (I don't feel well)

I think I've            Ang paronáyin ... ayena ádruisa(ye).
broken my ...
   arm                     tinuaris
   leg                     namáris
   finger(s)               mapang(ie)
   foot                    menanaris yilaena

medicine                rentam

 > Section 5: Numbers

Ayeri has got a base-12 system!

0  - gea         1  - men        2  - sam
3  - cay         4  - eo         5  - iri
6  - mie         7  - ito        8  - hen
9  - veya        10 - mal        11 - tam
12 - malan       13 - malem      14 - maseng
15 - manay       16 - magos      17 - menla-iri
18 - menla-mie   19 - menla-ito  20 - menla-hen
21 - menla-veya  22 - menla-mal  23 - menla-mal
24 - samla       25 - samla-men  26 - samla-sam
36  - cayla      48  - eola      60  - irila
72  - miela      84  - itola     96  - henla
108 - veyala     120 - malla     132 - tamla

144 - mensing    145 - mensing-men    146 - mensing-sam
288 - samsing    432 - caysing        576  - eosing
720 - irising    864 - miesing        1008 - itosing
1728 - menya     (1x12^3)
3456 - sam menya (2x12^3)
5184 - cay menya (3x12^3)
20,736    - malanya (1x12^4)
248,832   - mensing-menya (1x12^5)
2,985,984 - menea (1x12^6)
5,971,968 - sam menea (2x12^6)
5,159,780,352  - mennim (1x12^9)

 > Section 6: Time & Dates

What time is it?        Ang taháynin elinam tadayaris?
   midnight                colunray
   noon                    perinray
   morning                 beneno
   afternoon               nangimo
   evening                 sirutay
   early                   benem, sarisa
   late                    tyabo
now                        edauyi
What day is it?         Ang taháynin elinam bahisaris?
today                   davano
tomorrow                tasela
yesterday               tamala

It's ...                Ang taháynin le ...
  Windday                  Bahis Pinena (Pin)
  Airday                   Bahis Venena (Ven)
  Funday                   Bahis Palayena (Pal)
  Starday                  Bahis Siruena (Sir)
  Musicday                 Bahis Tingraena (Tin)
  Lifeday                  Bahis Tenena (Ten)

What is the date?        Ang taháynin elinam curanlei?

Month names ...         | The months are just numbered.
                        | The dates are given according
                        | to the Curan Tertanyan, see
                        | science/calendars.

Time now: May 25, 2005

... 48 new words and 7 extensions. Thank you! Now I have to
make a brochure of this for imaginatory travellers ;) I'm
waiting for chapters 7-10.


Edatamanon le matahanarà benenoea eibenem ena Bahis
Palayena, 15-A8-58-3-3-14-54 ena Curan Tertanyan.