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OT: Exposure to Hormones in the Womb & Ability at Mathematics

From:Chris Bates <chris.maths_student@...>
Date:Thursday, October 28, 2004, 15:39
In the New Scientist this week there was a short article in one the side
panels saying that someone had done a study of people studying
mathematics, chemistry or physics at university, or specifically the
ratio of the length of their index and ring fingers (apparently there is
evidence that this is determined by the levels of sex hormones babies
are exposed to while they're in the womb). Anyway, the mathematicians',
physicists' and chemists' ratios were higher than the male average,
between the male and female averages, which seems surprising since
mathematics etc are stereotypical "male" disciplines. So I can blame my
being a mathematician on my mother lol.
They also did the social sciences and discovered that the average ratio
was even lower than the male average, despite the fact that there is a
higher proportion of women in the social sciences than there is in
mathematics, physics or chemistry. *shrugs* Of course, this all depends
on their assumption that the ratio of ring and index fingers is strongly
related to exposure to sex hormones in the womb. But I thought someone
on the list might be interested... even though it doesn't explicitly
state results for the languages (Are languages social sciences?)

GGRRR.... whenever I try to address a message to the conlang list I
accidentally double click on the email address of my ex counsellor by
accident... I don't think she'd be interested in this kind of thing lol.