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From:Edward Heil <edwardheil@...>
Date:Friday, April 2, 1999, 1:18
Danny Wier <dawier@...> wrote:

> I'm thinking of working out a multi-dimensional case system for Tech, > which uses both prepositions and inflectional endings. I have eight > cases right now (these are cases which are simple and stand alone, > without a preposition); they are the same eight cases of Sanskrit. But=
> I want to be able to incorporate subcases of, say, the ablative > (elative, delative, translative, etc.), but also indicate something lik=
> "to the edge of the city, then away" by linking the dative with the > ablative and using one preposition marking an addesive/allative target > location. > =
> Four inflectional cases to indicate movement/stasis... > locative -- stationary position > dative -- approaching a point > ablative -- moving away from the point > instrumental -- moving through a point > ... plus a preposition (which can cause mutation of the initial > consonant of the antecedent) to mark whether the point of reference is > inside, on the edge of, above, away from, etc. the referent. > =
> Does this make any sense?
Sort of, but first you need to get your cases straight. "Dative" should = be used to describe a case whose most salient use is for indirect objects. = Instrumental should be used to describe a case whose most salient use is = for instruments. Where you have "dative" you should probably use "allative" = and where you have "instrumental" you should probably have, er... "perlative"= I guess. UNLESS I have misunderstood and the cases you use here actually h= ave primary functions as true dative and instrumental and these movement func= tions are a secondary usage, in which case don't worry bout it! But back to the topic... so you want to be able to specify *sequences* of= motions which might fall under the purview of more than one case, and so = want to be able to use multiple cases for it? Any reason other than cussed perversity that you wouldn't just express these with a series of preposit= ional phrases/adverbs? Ed --------------------------------------------------------- Edward Heil .......................... --------------------------------------------------------- ____________________________________________________________________ Get free e-mail and a permanent address at 1