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Re: CHAT: Southernisms (was Re: Genitive relationships)

From:Mathew Willoughby <sidonian@...>
Date:Thursday, March 11, 1999, 20:28
Nik Taylor wrote:

> Well, Florida is really two states, from a cultural perspective - the > Panhandle, and the Penninsula. The Panhandle was the first to be really > settled. I don't know the pattern, tho, but rural areas are pretty > "Southern", so I'd say it probably was Georgians and Alabamians, > mostly.
That's pretty much true. I've lived in S. Fl since I was eight. (yep, I grew up as a snowbird, Summers up north, winters in Florida). I grew up in the Ft. Lauderdale area and it is very mixed. There are a lot of New Yorkers and Hispanics and really very few native southerners. The state gradually becomes less of a tropical New York and more of a southern state as you move north. I noticed that there were a lot more people with southern accents in Palm Beach County than in Broward County. So, there's definitely quite a dialectical spectrum in Florida.