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Re: Too far in to make major changes?

From:Mia <tuozin@...>
Date:Thursday, March 23, 2000, 22:33
Herman Miller wrote:

> Adding tones to a language that doesn't yet have them is probably safe. > What often happens when I decide to add phonemes to a language is that the > added phonemes tend to be used mainly for new words, which are often the > less frequently used words. Olaetyan had distinct /f/ (labiodental) and /P/ > (bilabial) phonemes, but only a /v/. I added a /B/ for symmetry, but very > few words used it, mainly a few cognates of words with /v/ that diverged in > meaning. I think I'm going to eliminate /B/ from the Azirian version of > Olaetyan (tentatively called "Olaetian"). > > But if you're adding tones to every syllable, you can assign each > individual tone to common words from the beginning. One thing you might > want to do is deliberately create a number of new words that only differ > from existing ones in the tone. (I always like to have a number of > unassigned words available.) >
This is pretty much what I had planned on doing. I have a really large collection of words, but I am coming up short on a lot of words that I use daily that aren't in my original word list (ULD). I do have quite a few unassigned words still available, but I had thought that tones would be an interesting addition as I create new vocabulary. I am still not sure-- but there is that secondary project (Proto-luna) that has been shelved for a while. If I don't do this with ea-luna, I might do it with the still-univented mother language. -- Mia (