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Re: two-symbol mathematics (was: Langauge Constets (was: NSM))

From:Tristan Plumb <lingua@...>
Date:Friday, November 23, 2007, 6:46
> That's a different thing entirely. How can you derive (for instance) > graphing, topology or set theory from just 0 and 1?
Iota and Jot are (greek letters and) two programming languages expressing all of mathematics with two symbols. See my previous post (if so wished). * I agree that Jot and Iota have only two symbols, but their meaning is * complex. The meanings of "0" and "1" are not complex, and they cannot * in and of themselves form the basis of all of mathematics. Yet the discussion was of the number of required word, I understood 0 and 1 as two words, not two integers. By the by, mildly complex primitives in some language may yield up a concept seemingly simpler that may not yield the complex one, as above. Simple is rather often confused with familuar, like prime or primitive with simple, though not primitive and familuar... now, what about polynomial conlangs? inspired by polynomials, least ways. curiosity, tristan (thinking) -- All original matter is hereby placed immediately in to the public domain.