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Janko's Germanic conlang number collection

From:James Worlton <jworlton@...>
Date:Wednesday, July 30, 2003, 2:04
Below is the next installment of Janko's number survey. This week it
comes from Germanic conlangs, and it appears that next week will be

I am emailing him with the suggestion that someone had a few days ago
(Stone?)--that he sign up for the list and set himself nomail so he can
reply directly to the list. Of course, if he doesn't want to do that,
I'll just keep passing them along...
James Worlton
          "Time flies like an arrow.
           Fruit flies like a banana."


I send  list about conlangs on based germanic languages.


Here is list about 47 Germanic Conlangs from my collection a numbers.

Ancient Foietisk, Anglic, Baanzish, Blitz English, Burgenian, Capraian,
Cruons, Cytrurian, Dekavurian, Dunamy, ðjassa, Ebonics, Euronord,
Folkspraak, Folkstem, Frionske, Future English, Futurese, Goesk, Gothic
(Gutisk), Graatska, Interglish, Jameld, Jylsk, Middle Jytisk, Modern
Jytisk, Mul, Mutlish (Mutate English), Nederthæl, Niw Englisc, Nordien,
Nu Teutonish, Nyucar, Odenian, Old Jytisk, Rate Ïnlici, Scallin,
Simpenga, Slensk, Spanglish, Timerio, Toki Pona, Transitional English,
Tsœxisca, Wessisc, Westmarche.

Same examples:

Mutlish (Mutate English): 1-van, 2-tuu, 3-ćrí, 4-four, 5-fajv, 6-six,
7-sevęn, 8-eit, 9-nain, 10-ten. Pronunced: ć – th as english, j – y as
english, ę – as english word sev(e)n.

Frionske: 1-oan, 2-twoa, 3-drie, 4-vier, 5-vief, 6-zes, 7-zoaføn,
8-acht, 9-noagøn, 10-tien.

Mul: 1-een, 2-du, 3-dree, 4-faar, 5-feef, 6-zek, 7-sef, 8-oot, 9-naan,

Dekavurian: 1-en, 2-twe, 3-tris, 4-fidwor, 5-fif, 6-seh, 7-sibun,
8-ahton, 9-nyun, 10-tehun.

Capraian: 1-oyns, 2-tús, 3-trés, 4-fatu, 5-fef, 6-sascu, 7-saun, 8-ottu,
9-nœn, 10-tach. Pronunced: sc – as english sh, ch – as german ch.

Odenian: 1-en, 2-to, 3-tre, 4-fyr, 5-fem, 6-ses, 7-su, 8-ode, 9-nie, 10-tio.

Thank you Tristan McLeay for numbers from Ancient Foietisc.

I will be happy for an answer on my message.

Thank all of you for assistance!

In next week about Conlang on based Celtic languages.