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Re: Happy New Year (to some)

From:Axiem <axiem@...>
Date:Sunday, January 4, 2004, 6:45
> From: Axiem <axiem@...> > > As is probably evidenced, Fincaiyan is particle-based. > > It's not all *that* obvious: it looked like a run-of-the-mill > language with many monosyllables, and resembles Polynesian > languages, or Japanese, in syllable structure. > > > "ra" is subject, "ro" (direct) object, "ru" the verb. > > This seems to be an unlikely kind of alliteration in a natural > language. The only phonological difference between agents and > patients appears to be the fact that the vowel of one particle > is [+low], and the other is [-low], and are otherwise identical!
The language is kind of a French + Japanese mix of sorts. The vocab I draw tends to be I look a word up in English-French, mangle the French some, and make it Fincaiyan. The grammar is very Japanese-like. The Japanese "topic marker" particle is "wa", the "subject" is "ga", the "object" is "wo" (or just "o" in pronounciation). There's a class of Japanese verbs that end in "ru", and all verbs end in "u". I decided on "ro" as my object much later than "ra" as subject and "ru" as verb. It's also the one I'm most likely to change later. It also looks like it has a lot of monosyllables mostly because I haven't developed an extensive vocabulary yet. That and I'll admit to most of my basic morphemes being of CV form, which is Japanese. So yeah. I stand guilty of your accusations :P -Keith