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Re: TAN: webpages that suck...

From:Terrence Donnelly <pag000@...>
Date:Monday, October 19, 1998, 18:36
While we're on thge subject, I'm having a problem with web colors that
is baffling me.  I can't get the color black to appear in my .gifs!

I understand that if you don't use one of the 256 (216?) Netscape colors,
your browser might have trouble with it.  I've also read that for maximum
compatibility, stick to one of the 16 Windows colors.  But I have a hard time
believing that _black_ is not a supported color.

The scenario is: I draw something in MS-Paint (I'm very low-tech, and cheap!)
to produce a .bmp file.  Checking the color palette, I see that black is
RGB 0,0,0.  The picture looks fine.  I save it, convert it to a .gif
using the program Lview.  It still looks fine.  I call it up in my Netscape
browser, and the black sections are invisible; the background is uniform
across the picture.  Black seems to be the only color so affected!

I recently changed my monitor's resolution to 256 colors from 16, but
otherwise, my set-up is the same as it always was (and black _did_ show
up OK in the past).  So far I've worked around it by using a dark color
instead of black, but I feel that it's real limiting to be without it!

Thanks for any suggestions.

-- Terry