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Re: THEORY: morphological processes

From:Matt Pearson <jmpearson@...>
Date:Sunday, January 23, 2000, 21:01
Pablo Flores wrote:

>> 5. truncation > >It's a phonetical (and predictable) feature. Draseléq can't >have syllable-final /h/, so the consonant is dropped and the >previous vowel is lengthened, resulting in pairs like > > kò 'village' (< *koh) > kohür 'in the village'
I forgot, when I replied to Dirk's post, that Tokana has this feature too - except that syllable-final /h/ deletes only at the ends of words; it's retained word internally. Also, there's no compensatory lengthening, except in monosyllables. suh ['su:] "rain" suhe ['suhE] "in the rain" napeh [na'pE] "daughter" napehne [na'pEhnE] "for the daughter" Matt.