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Re: R: Re: Degrees of volition inactivelanguages(wasRe:Chevraqis: asketch)

From:Nik Taylor <fortytwo@...>
Date:Monday, August 14, 2000, 2:02
"Thomas R. Wier" wrote:
> > > There's this one truly wretched line in _Much ado > > > about Nothing_ during the trial scene where the Judge goes "What > > > heard you him say else?" > > > > That's English? ;-) > > Well, it's part of the text.
Actually, now that I think about it, it's not so odd. Lack of do-support and unusual placement of "else" are the only differences from the usual Modern English phrasing. Was the placement of "else" an example of Shakespeare fitting the text to the meter, or was that a normal placement in the English of the period? Interesting how just two relatively minor differences can conspire to create a totally alien feel to the text. -- "Their bodies did not age, but they became afeared of everything and anything. For partaking in any activity at all could threaten their precious and ageless bodies! ... Their victory over death was a hollow one." ICQ: 18656696 AIM Screen-Name: NikTailor