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more conlangs

From:Robert B Wilson <han_solo55@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 1, 2003, 3:09
i was just thinking...
i have a conlang that i worked on a while ago but never mentioned on this
it has a very interesting orthography, as you can probably see from this
vkky vnkynvj vknyknj ykkv knvy?
[xY TYm GYd Yg dY]

i've forgotten most of the grammar (i should have written it down, but i
was doing three other things at the time (i don't remember what they
were, but they all seemed more important than writing some notes about
the grammar of this conlang...)
i know that this question basically means "do you speak X", where X is
the name of the language (which i have also forgotten...)

i also have a new conlang that i'm working on. it's called viserdya.
here's a sample:

btw, anyone want to try to figure out how to pronounce everyting below
the address for my web site in my sig?

Robert Wilson (aka kuvazokad, eltirno, edei'...)
vkky vnkynvj vknyknj ykkv knvy?  karkalone kontoko?  kinsi rorotan kinsa
nadas?  baitta ke farzaiyai?  qxracc pqqattiircx iia kxqqhwiiallccre?