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Rosetta Stone idea

From:Tom Pullman <tom@...>
Date:Friday, June 1, 2001, 9:33
--- Shreyas Sampat <nsampat@...> wrote:

>: Hmm...sort of like a Rosetta Stone Relay, we'd only have the English >Translation, and the original, and the players would have to first decipher >what the original language was literally saying (if this could be done with >such limmitted data). It could be interesting..but extremely hard, maybe >some other time eh? And of course, thank you for the compliment! :) > >That sounds challenging and fascinating (though it would be an exercise, >methinks, rather than a relay, as deducing the meaning of forms and the like >is much time-consuming, and would probably require a larger text, and as a >relay with the actual meaning of the text shifting, without a third piece >(like perhaps the text the translatee worked from, and lots of proper nouns) >it would be near-impossible to do in finite time.)
Not a relay, I think, but a competition. There could be a long text in the conlang, with a translation (perhaps, to make it more like the original Rosetta Stone, not a translation into English, but into another quite well-known conlang - do people know each other's conlangs well enough for this?) and then another, shorter text in the unknown conlang which is to be translated. Whoever gets there first wins - or something like this, incorporating accuracy of translation as well. It might be fun to make teams of a few people to do it a bit faster, as well. Of course, the ultimate test: translate a spoken passage of the unknown conlang! :) I for one would have an immense sense of achievement if I managed to do that. It would become a lot more than an exercise. == Tom Pullman "Dochuala as borb nad légha." Sùgi òl yrregoon lo! Jèkeri yrrego! _____________________________________________________________ Visit to get a Web site with a personalized domain and Web-based email


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