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Piktok glyphs

From:Francois Chauvet <fr-chauvet@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 9, 2003, 6:03
Very quickly: I did visit your site, and _like_ your glyphs.

Most of the essential answers seem to have been given here, so I will not
repeat them.
I recommend the Font Creator Program (version 4.x) from High-Logic. It is
very easy to use (I designed my first Hhsaal font in less than three hours)
axcept it doesn't import/export character mapping tables (I can do that
for you with a simple program). It can also import scanned pictures with
point and angle constraints, which is why I thought of you.
As a shareware, you have only 30 days of free use. But there is no
functional restriction. And the registered version is only US$50, or even
US$30 if you accept some more handwork. It is also very easy to crack for
an extended period of 255 trial years, but I am *against* cracking
shareware. You're on yourself then.
Have a look at it,

Friendly yours,



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