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Re: DECAL: Examples #2: Phonotactics

From:Sai Emrys <saizai@...>
Date:Thursday, January 13, 2005, 21:07

> Answering these directed questions is rather fun. :)
Good - more answers for me! ;-)
>> Q4: Any changes depending on place in word, etc.? > Nope. (Although, could you give an example of what you mean?)
E.g., having different codas / onset clusters allowable at word boundaries - e.g. #CV(C)CV#. RM: " The conculture was also important; it's a melange of the better qualities of some of the ethnic groups I had studied or had contact with, plus a lot of influence from the works of Ursula Le Guin, who I was reading en masse at the time. " How did the conculture influence your choices? (Give me an idea of your train-of-thought for decisionmaking.) HT: " To save posting count, maybe you could do this in one posting, Sai, or on different days, as we only have five postings/person/day and only a hundred in total/day." Eep. I wasn't aware there was a maximum list cap. Are we hitting it? I'll try to compact it, though; thanks for the notice. " If there is need for more markers, we could discuss that, of course. E.g. this could be 'POLL', or something, for example." Mm. Hopefully the DECAL: markers should be enough, for this. However, I figure that stuff I post under it will vary pretty widely in topic - from example solicitations like this, to notes on how the class is going, research questions, etc. ... and who knows, maybe my students will find these too, and start posting themselves. ;-) - Sai