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Clicks & pops

From:Brian Betty <bbetty@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 10, 1999, 16:53
Brian 'the Lurker' Betty (who is out as a conlanger, a bisexual, and a
Buddhist!) here.

I'm writing to see if anyone on the list has info on a good place to start
with clicks. I've been working on my conlang (unnamed), which has clicks
and lip pops in it, and while I am marginally familiar with representation
methods and phonemic systems of Xhosa and San clicks, I am frankly at a
loss when it comes to linguistic-side theory issues about clicks (ie. the
scientific stuff). I am uncomfortable moving forward with my conlang
without some deeper research into the scientific stuff, at least to point
where I am as familiar with clicks as I am with other linguistic issues.

Help! Any recommendations for a linguistic primer text? Like I said, I am
not blind to real-life click languages and how they are spoken, but rather
need info on how clicks are affected by sandhi and time (how does a Xhosa
/!/ 'weather'? Could it become a stop over time at word end? /V!/ > /Vt/?)

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