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alcohol & drugs in ConLangs/ConCultures(was Re: tender age)

From:J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>
Date:Tuesday, September 18, 2001, 19:25
>And Rosta wrote: > >> Oi! At 16 years old you're simply not SUPPOSED to be reading >> Reichenbach! I forget exactly what it is you are supposed >> be doing at 16, but it's probably something like experimenting >> with sex, drugs, religion, socialism and drinking too much & >> vomiting in the street. >
In a message dated 17.09.2001 07:54:05 AM, dan@FEUCHARD.FSNET.CO.UK writes:
> >Hmm, at sixteen (two years ago!! I'm getting old!)... sex: check, drugs: >only if nicotine and alcohol count, religion: check, socialism: check, >drinking too much: check, vomiting in the street: check.
At the risk of soundin' like a "recovery fanatic" and alienatin' all the "normies" (non-addicted, non-alcoholics) on this list, I find it interestin' to note the followin' from the literature of Narcotics Anonymous: "...Thinking of alcohol as different from other drugs has caused a great many addicts to relapse. Before we came to N.A., many of us viewed alcohol separately, but we cannot afford to be confused about this. Alcohol is a drug. We are people with a disease of addiction who must abstain from all drugs in order to recover." ***ConLang/ConCulture***: What are some Conlang/ConCulture concepts, terms, slang, etc. regardin' alcohol and drugs? Are there socio-cultural "remedies" like rehab, 12 Step (AA, NA, etc.), Rational Recovery, Secular Recovery, religious/philosophical/political/socio-scientific prohibitions...? czHANg, gleefully openin' - possibly - a can o' worms partly opened by others quoted above ;P~ BTW I am workin' on a ConCulture for my ConLang [sorta brief preview: Kaoz Babul Ingaliz is a polyglot-English creole on the tiny island country of Tauru ... located near the equator, SW of the Philipines in the South China Sea, roughly north of Brunei and Borneo... populated by the descendants of native Malayo-Polynesians, Indonesians, European colonialists, Chinese (mostly Cantonese), Indians (mostly Hindi), and various peoples from that particular South China Sea region plus a sizable number of European, American, Australian, New Zealander and Japanese expatriates (pop.: 9,000 in 2020). Tauru has a colourful history, i.e. early history of bein' a pirate stronghold, colonized or occupied by various nations or armed forces at one time or another (i.e. Portuguese, Spanish, French, British, Japanese, combined American & Chinese WW2 "freedom fighters", Vietnam-era CIA/Air America, Islamic Moro "terrorists," French secret service agents before & after the sinking of the Greenpeace ship _Rainbow Warrior_ in 1985, etc. before gaining full &total independence in 2020 with aid and support from: Fri Ripablik Blong Vanuatu {a.k.a. the Free Republic of Vanuatu} the Maori Cooperative of Aotearoa/the Green Republic of New Zealand, the Democratic Kingdoms of Hawa'ii and United Free Polynesia, the Islamic Autonomy of Brunei, the People's Socialist Democracy of Indonesia, Wantok Bilong Nugini {a.k.a. the United States of New Guinea} the United Confederation of Micronesian States, Bharat {a.k.a. the Unified Pluralist States of Greater India} and the Libertarian Socialist Democracies of Southern China and United Indochina as well as Vatican III, the Dalai Lama, the Aga Khan, the Global Green Party Confederation and Greenpeace) ... MORE DETAILS to come...]


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