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TECH: the *very* old archives

From:Carsten Becker <naranoieati@...>
Date:Sunday, August 14, 2005, 14:51

Like many others of you certainly already have, I am
downloading the *very* old archives at the moment (1991-97)
and adjust them so that I can import them into OE6. Besides
that some messages are just weird because they have
corrupted "Date:" or "From:" tags (sometimes in the same
line as some other tag, which causes problems), what are
those addresses with bangs (!) and percents (%)? For
example, John Cowan's mails all include a line
<mailto:lock60%21snark%21cowan@...>". There are longer
and weirder addresses than this. Has this something to do
with usenet which seemed to be linked with the list, or why?



NB: I had to laugh when I saw the following:

 > Date: Fri, 11 Aug 1995 08:22:03 -0400 (EDT)
 > Subject: CONLANG: Conlang in new movie Waterworld
 > To: <mailto:conlang@...>

I was quite excited when I finally had extracted the '91
archive .txt file into single mails to import them into
Outlook: it felt like discovering hundreds of years old
sacred texts ;) Can't believe this list has already been
running for 14 years:

From: "John Ross" < <mailto:ross@...>>
To: < <mailto:tdr@...>>;
<loop! <mailto:loop%21dont@...>>;
< <mailto:lojbab@...>>;
<cellar! <mailto:cellar%21marquidf@...>>;
< <mailto:shoulson@...>>;
< <mailto:silverma@...>>;
< <mailto:timm@...>>;
Sent: Monday, July 29, 1991 3:09 PM
Subject: Welcome!

 > This list is devoted exclusively to the discussion and
 > dissemination of
 > information about constructed languages past, present, or
 > future. If
 > you are an avid Esperantist or Lojbanist, if you've
 > created your own
 > languages as a child (childhood doesn't have to end after
 > puberty! :-)),
 > or maybe you love to read Tolkien and would like to talk
 > about Quenya
 > and Sindarin -- this is the forum for you! Learn and enjoy
 > in whatever
 > language!
 > For administrative matters, send email to:
 > <mailto:ross@...>  (John B Ross)
 > To post, email to:
 > <mailto:conlang@...>
 >             -- JR
 > **************************************************************
 > I apologize that I didn't add all your names earlier. I
 > was on vacation
 > last week. I also am quite green when it comes to the
 > computer and many
 > of you gave me addresses which bounced email. I think I've
 > figured
 > out the problems and hope this message gets to you. Let me
 > know if it
 > doesn't :-).
 > Best,
 > -- JR

BTW, July 29, 1991 is the day my little brother was born. I
was nearly 5 years old then.

Another weird thing was someone whose university's server
still had .su (Soviet-Union) as top level domain in 1991.
Note that the era of the Iron Curtain was before my time.

Heck, I better stop before nostalgia eats me alive.

Edatamanon le matahanarà benenoea ena Bahis Tenena,
15-A8-58-7-5-1-15 ena Curan Tertanyan.


Tim May <butsuri@...>